So here's my story. 

I started in the photography world when I was younger. My mother was an action sports/portrait photographer and most of the time had me come along to her shoots to assist her in setup/tear down and sometimes get behind the lens. This is what got me into photography, to begin with. Fast forward MANY years, and There I am. 22-24 years old living in Germany where a guy can do 120 MPH+ LEGALLY. Lord knows the average person has somewhat of an interest in cars...I mean as a child I did have quite the Hot Wheels collection. So, I ended up buying my first sports car, a 2015 BMW M235I, and let me tell you, my interest in the car scene was sky-high. From going to the local car meets to going to full-on shows that took hours upon hours of cruising the autobahn to get to. I fell in love with it! But the pictures my buddies and I were getting on our phones didn't seem enough. I bought my first camera, a Canon 2000D, in 2019. From that moment on, I knew that photography was something I had to get into. Learning that there's art in every build and everybody line of a car caught my attention and I could not let go.  I would say my biggest goals are to capture the artistic side of cars as seen through my eyes and to have loads of fun doing it.  So I am extremely thankful for all of the clients and mentors I've had, Past and present, who have helped me get to where I am today!

Thanks for taking the time to read my bio and I'm looking forward to creating some art with you!
Devin Capriati
Capriati Media 
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